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Ultra quiet, Ultra efficient, Ultra clean. Catalano Patent.


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Newflush® system, designed by Catalano, optimises the WC flushing performance thanks to its powerful vortex system. This technology significantly reduces the sound of toilet flush, reduces the
water consumption and with its dynamic cleaning action there is a reduction in the use of detergents. By removing the rim - where bacteria, limescale and grime build up - the inside of the pan
becomes a continuous surface for easier and deeper cleaning. Newflush® improves both the users comfort and the environmental sustainability of Catalano toilets.


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After an extensive development and testing phase, this new flushing system is now available for 13 wall-hung and floor-mounted WCs shown in 2019 Catalano Catalogue.
High quality
The high quality of this design is matched with the high quality of
Catalano ceramics, achieved through the most advanced technologies
availablenowadays in sanitaryware industry


The design of Newflush® device comes up from the fluid dynamics; the water flowing has inspired the design and has defined the shapes.
Newflush® device optimises the flushing performance. The water vortex
action, the inner shape of the bowl and the superior glaze give the best
possible functionality in toilet flushing systems.


Easy to clean
Newflush® system facilitates product maintenance, for the perfectly smooth, continuous and easily accessible surfaces.
The innovative Newflush® system, optimises the flushing performance
by reducing the use of detergents for cleaning. The ecological impact is
also increased by the new glaze Cataglaze®+ Silver Titanium.


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