“Think Green" is the motto of Catalano, who has been pursuing for years to get sustainability and respect for the environment at all stages of its production cycle.
Our downloadable catalogue below reveals all Catalano’s green soul, which is far from fads and - above all – it is well supported by achieved and consolidated results.

Catalano has been committed to an ongoing process of optimization of enterprise management and production process, both oriented to a sensitive environmental sustainability and to improve the quality of work.

The company has implemented strategies aimed to achieve the following purposes:
- reduction of environmental impacts and resource consumption.
- reduction of energy consumption.
- elimination of toxic substances or pollutants released into the environment.


Respect of raw material


Catalano uses first-choice pure raw materials only, without addition of any substance or preparation categorized with toxicity, harmfulness or risk level.
The transformation process is marked by efficient use and valorisation of natural resources (high ratio between really utilized material and volume of material entered in production process).
The use of material is now lowered due to the reduced thickness of new generation products, obtained thanks to cutting-edge technologies tested in Fabrica di Roma.



Optimization of work


Catalano pays great attention to environmental efficiency and operating conditions of  machinery (high ratio between total number of working hours and yearly amount of pieces [h/m3]). The new linear kiln, one of the largest in the world, requires 1/3 less fuel than previous models.


Waste management


Offices and production departments waste are collected on a differentiated basis and then converged into the recycling industry.


Goods handling


Thanks to the unification of all operations into a single plant, Catalano reached the maximum reduction of distances in the various phases of production process.




Catalano is committed to the overall reduction and total recycling of its packaging. The products are always provided with information allowing the consumer to use, manage and clean up the products efficiently, to minimize the environmental impact.



Environment quality and landscape preservation


Catalano carries on its engagement in favour of environmental protection.

The production process of Catalano’s plant allows the maximum reduction of volatile fumes and pollutants released into the atmosphere. The company's mission is to optimize the use of traditional energy, developing the use of the energy generated by renewable sources. In this regard, Catalano’s new  solar power plant was increased in 2015  and it’s now providing 1,625,000 KWh – about 1/4 of its total energy requirements - thanks to additional 3269 modules installed on the roof of the industrial complex. Catalano’s plant is also characterized by a low noise impact and a low landscape/visual impact.



Water saving


Catalano has a closed-loop wastewater recycling system, to prevent dispersal of wastes into the environment and to feed the recycling loop. The water is kept very closed to the place of processing and it is subsequently conveyed to the treatment plant. The water is recycled after the purification.
Catalano WCs, in accordance with CWE mark, are able to flush with very low water volumes. The special study on continuos surfaces and the use of new nanotechnological glazes – also applied on hidden areas - avoid the stagnations of water and make the cleaning easier, while reducing the use of water and detergents.



CWE Catalano Water Efficiency. A new label meaning water saving, easy cleaning and high-performance manufacturing process of Catalano’s production


Catalano WCs, in accordance with CWE mark, are able to flush with very low water volumes. The exstensively research on surfaces continuity and the use of new nanotechnological glazes – also applied on hidden areas - avoid the stagnations of water and make the cleaning easier, while reducing the use of water and detergents. Water-saving is the guiding code followed throughout the manufacturing process of Catalano’s production.



cataglaze+logo sost

The innovative antibacterial glaze.


It is an improvement of Cataglaze glazing system; besides being more resistant to limescale and therefore easier to clean, it has a powerful antimicrobial action able to kill bacteria. The effectiveness of the new formula is guaranteed by the presence in the mix of silver and titanium ions. The antibacterial action is ISO 22196 certified.





Catalano is a member of GBC Italy, the Italian association that works to promote and accelerate the diffusion of sustainability culture, driving the market transformation


GBC Italy promotes the values of energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact for a greater quality of life by creating and encouraging a shared understanding amid the community of building firms. GBC Italy works to create a network among the most competitive international and Italian firms operating in the segment of sustainable building and to facilitate a dialogue between networks of qualified professionals.






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